Cleaning Process

The cleaning process can seriously damage carpets and rugs. When we are talking about Oriental, Moroccan or Persian rugs, things get even more serious. The cleaning process is very important because it can seriously damage the fabric and the colors. Long Island Carpet Cleaning experts know this all too well. This is precisely we are one of the very few companies in Long Island that do not use any kind of machines to clean rugs and carpets. Give us a quick call at 631-230-0813 and ask us about our innovative cleaning process!

Now, you may be wondering how we manage to clean these items perfectly. Long Island Carpet Cleaning experts use modern solutions to clean each rug and carpet manually. Yes, we hand-wash all the items we receive from our clients. We agree, this is hard work. However, the results are breathtaking to say the least. Because of our friendly and ecological cleaning process, we have earned hundreds of stellar reviews from our clients. We do the best rug cleaning in Long Island and our skilled technicians will always take excellent care of your valuable rugs and carpets.

Step 1: Inspection and Pickup

First, you call us. After you make an appointment with us, we will send our professionals to pick up the rugs as soon as possible. They will carefully inspect your items and will note if there are any major stains or any signs of damage. Our experts will tell you if the damage can be repaired or not. The next step is to take your rugs and carpets to our cleaning facility in Long Island.

Step 2: Vacuuming Your Rug

After the rugs arrive at our facility, we will thoroughly vacuum them. During this phase, all the dirt and debris will be removed from the rugs. Don't worry; vacuuming doesn't damage the fabric.

Step 3: Preparing the Rug for Washing

Now it's time to prepare the rug for the washing process. To make sure the colors don't run, we will make several tests. The fabric will also be tested. The washing procedure will be chosen taking the results of the tests into consideration.

Step 4: Cleaning Your Rug

The cleaning process can begin. We use specific products and techniques for each type of rug. This means that all the dirt, stains and spots will be removed from the rug as effectively as possible.

Step 5: Drying Your Rug

Now that the rug is clean, it's time to dry it. Our special drying process does not cause any kind of damage to the rug or its fibers. We will then inspect the item to make sure it is 100% clean. If we fist any stains or dirt, the rug will be washed again.

Step 6: Repairs and Final Inspection

Keep in mind that any rug repair or rug restoration procedure can only be performed on a clean and dry rug. After these procedures, the rug goes through another complex inspection process. We want to make sure the rug is in perfect condition. Only then will we return it to you – for free.

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